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Authentic Village Stays

Rural East Africa
through the eyes of villagers – village stays

Your authentic village stay experience is an inspiring holiday that helps to sustain villages and community lives through our special ethical tourism.

Travelling with Ethical Africa you stay in profoundly rural communities where life’s rhythms have remained unaltered over the years, and you discover these special places through the eyes and lives of the local people who are your hosts and guides.

During your stay at the ‘Chief’s Guest House’ you will have all meals provided from locally grown produce with our Nasio Trust charity staff looking after you as well as giving you an opportunity to be involved in village life, maybe fetching water from the stream, cooking a meal using the traditional three cooking stones or helping to build a traditional house – and meeting the families the charity supports.

We have devised each of our holidays to provide a good balance between activity and relaxation; we tailor your holiday to your exact requirements. You can be involved as much or as little as you like.

Let us tailor your perfect Village Stay Experience, combining rural discovery with trekking in one of the Equatorial Forests.

You will not be staying in a 4 Star hotel, or 5 Star Safari Lodge; a village stay in some cases may involve a bit of roughing it without the comforts you would have at home.

You will spend three nights a real African Village, go with the women to the garden where you gather the vegetables, pick the beans if in season, dig out fresh sweet potatoes. In some cases you could help in the preparing the meal of the day by chasing and catching the chicken for your meal (only if you are comfortable) this is a common practice and most Africans have no qualms about it and children as young as six know how to go about it.
Your time in a village is simply a unique experience, especially if you are travelling with children who think everything comes pre-packaged from the store.

We have had families stay in villages who would usually stay in up-market lodging facilities but enjoyed their time in a Village Stay the most.
After your stay you will have a new outlook on life that is based on the principle of Hakuna Matata – meaning loosely translated Don’t Worry! As is well known in the Lion King…

Hakuna Matata is how Africans keep their sanity, their humour and way of life – no worries…

You may start the early morning with milking, learn the traditional ways of living and listen to the beautiful dialect spoken by locals.

Most visitors have a delightful stay here in this African Village where you can visit a school, watch traditional dances and see an abundance of bird life.

10 Day Itinerary

All of the holidays we create are completely tailor-made to suit you. This sample itinerary is intended to give you a flavour of what we can do.

Head to the airport in London in the morning for your direct eight hour flight to Nairobi in Kenya.

Arrive in Nairobi and transfer to your accommodation for the night.

You will land in the capital city Nairobi in the evening where you will be met by one of our team and privately transferred to your hotel in Nairobi, for a well-deserved rest before your adventure begins.

Alternatively there are overnight flights to Nairobi which arrive early in the morning so you can start your adventure immediately on arrival and take the first flight out to Kisumu Airport to start your once in a lifetime Village Stay experience

Real Africa, Adventurous, Beautiful, Accessible and Affordable Africa.

We make sure you have an amazing trip with an epic and culturally immersive itinerary, at an affordable price.

We want to take you on an incredible journey and show you first-hand the Africa We Know and Love.

After a well-earned rest in Nairobi your adventure begins. We spend our first full day easing into life in Kenya and getting on Nairobi time.

Your tour takes in many of the main highlights in Kenya, starting in the capital city Nairobi with your visit to the baby elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the giraffes at the Nairobi Giraffe Centre where you’ll have the chance to feed and kiss a giraffe!

In the evening we go for dinner at one of Nairobi’s best restaurants!

An early morning start with your flight to Kisumu International Airport flying over the beautiful Kenyan landscape.

You will be met by our own Nasio team and driven to the village of Musanda passing the imposing Maseno Hills on the way. This part of your itinerary will take you to the heart of village life in rural Africa, far away from the usual tourist destinations.

Here you will receive a warm welcome from our local team, at the beginning of your relaxing few days stay in the ‘Chief’s Guest House’, located in a safe and peaceful compound on a farm. The family owned guesthouse offer simple twin bedroom accommodation.

After breakfast meet the dedicated Nasio Trust staff who take you to your community activities and accompany you for the rest of your stay working alongside, introducing you to the way of life for most families the charity supports.

Your drive from the village will take you through small towns, farms and villages.

You will be amazed by the green lush landscape as well as the opportunity to see the dirt roads and people’s way of life.

On to a relaxed and restful Evening at Rondo Retreat. Set in the Kakamega rainforest and providing lodging and hospitality for a complete break from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. Its stunning grounds and cosy cottages create a tranquil setting after your hectic Village Stay and community experience.

Originally, Rondo was owned by a sawmiller who, in 1948, built a house at his wife’s request at the base of what was thought to be the biggest tree in the Forest, an Elgon Olive, the stump of which still stands today.

The sawmiller left Kenya in 1961, leaving the property to the Christian Council of Kenya. Today this peaceful place has been “opened to the public. Nestled in the heart of the Kakamega Forest, a ‘Canopy of Natural Beauty’ time has stood still for this remnant of the rain forest that stretched all across Central Africa.

This beautiful forest is home to various mammals including bush pigs, giant forest hedgehogs, colobus monkeys, Debrazzar monkeys and pottos. Some of the birds to be seen here include the Blue Headed Bee Eater, Black Billed Turaco, Turner’s Eremomela and Grey Parrots. Bird watching, hiking and rock climbing can be enjoyed here in the serenity of the forest that time forgot.

A remnant of the rain forests that stretched all across Central Africa.

Kakamega is home to various mammals including bush pigs, giant forest hedgehogs, colobus monkeys, Debrazzar monkeys and pottos, and some exotic bird species. Hiking, bird watching and rock climbing can be enjoyed here in the serenity of the forest that time forgot.

Key features

  • In the reserve do not miss, the view point of Buyangu Hill with the wonderful overview of the surrounding forest especially impressive at sunrise.
  • Small but lovely Isiukhu fall.
  • The giant tree on Mukangu trails.
  • The nature trails with labelled trees of interest and pollinator garden near KEEP office.
  • The only remnant in Kenya of the once great tropical rainforest that stretched across central Africa.
  • Special species include: over 380 species of trees, 330 species of birds, 27 species of snakes, 7 primates, over 400 species of butterflies and several mammals
  • The trek will take you 2 – 3 hours depending on how much or how little you want to do

Another restful day exploring these idyllic surroundings.

Visit the Kisumu Cultural Market and stock up with souvenirs for family and friends before you departing for Nairobi.

Catch your flight back home.

Why Choose an Authentic African Village Stay?

We love experiencing real African traditional village life and know our guests do too.

Unfortunately such traditional village ways and lives are under threat globally, that’s why we work in partnership with the Nasio Trust’s very special villages in Kenya to help sustain their village life through welcoming low impact tourism and for visitors to get involved in community and family projects like house building – if they choose.  The aim is to provide you with a great holiday off the tourist track that inspires and delights you, whilst providing the village communities with a much needed income stream and employment opportunities.

Our Village Stays run alongside daily charity activities of the Nasio Trust and do not displace traditional family rural livelihoods or charity work.

Village stays trips bring you close to real African families and their way of life in parts of unspoiled regions of Kenya.

Nasio staff help you understand and connect with families giving you the opportunity to interact directly with the people when you stay in the unique village guest house, where you are hosted by Nasio’s team from the community and enjoy delicious local cooking and can learn how to cook traditional Kenyan foods.

Once you arrive in the village we will look after you all the way – from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave so that you can enjoy the serenity and peaceful, slow life with security of tailor made arrangements without losing any of the adventure.

Our Nasio staff, all from in and around our villages, will share their knowledge and passion for their community.

They accompany you throughout your village stay, serving alongside you, introducing you to the area. They are so important to making your holiday an unforgettable, enjoyable and inspirational experience.

Through Village Stays we aim to develop sustainable off the track tourism that relies on local resources, working with the community providing practical and positive social and economic solutions.

This enables the people involved to protect their way of life and environment, helping them deal with social issues, at the same time benefiting tourists. We find a common purpose of introducing tourists to the local people, their culture and way of life providing interesting walks, treks and wildlife.

Village Stays works in partnership with The Nasio Trust communities to create and establish a unique ethical experience with responsible tourism values.

We are developing a local social tourism enterprise with the help of funding through Village Stays with a community ownership in the hands of the community and Nasio Staff and children.

Village Stays generates income for families from cooking or cleaning or drivers that take you round. They are happy to undertake regular training to improve steadily their new skills, providing you, their guests, with the warmest of welcomes in a delightfully African way.

If you have skills that could be put to good use during your village stay, please do let us know.

Whether you have a background in construction, plumbing, teaching, IT or any other specialised skill, we can find ways for you to make a lasting impact on the infrastructure of the community. If you have a skill you think might bring value (or even if you’re not sure) please contact us now to find out.

Our Authentic Village Stays Cost
from £750 per person
What’s included
  • Group Leader, comprehensive pre-departure information & planning advice
  • Village Guides and Chiefs House Staff
  • Food (3 meals per day) and bottled water throughout the trip
  • Safe and comfortable accommodation
  • UK/Kenya Administration Support
  • All transport within Kenya to and from included excursions and between the main destinations on the tour
  • Nairobi Giraffe Centre
  • Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • Kakamega Forest Park entry fees and guides as per the itinerary
  • Kisumu Cultural Market
What’s not included
  • Your international flights to Nairobi (we can book these on request and add to the cost)
  • Any activities not mentioned in the inclusions
  • Alcohol/additional drinks, meals in restaurants, personal expenses for souvenirs, laundry, phone calls, etc.
  • Guide and Staff Tips
  • Vaccinations/personal medication
  • International Travel/Visa/Personal Trip Insurance
Guest comment
“It is this wonderful experience that offers a unique opportunity and privileged access to a village way of life, creating a social exchange that forms the most memorable and unforgettable experiences for many of our guests. What an amazing way to finish your holiday.”